Thursday, April 10, 2014

Guest Post by author Una Tiers

Today I am lucky to have author Una Tiers here for an interview. I first met Una when she gave me a copy of her short story Not Safe For The Bank(er) to read and review and most recently another great short story which I reviewed on my blog here Dorothy Daisy. We have written back and forth a few times. I love her mystery stories. I knew she is very busy now so I am happy that she had the time to stop by for this guest post. Let me tell you a little more about Una. Una Tiers is the pen name for a Chicago attorney who writes cozies, sometimes called humorcides or mysteries. We avoid cussing, violence and sex.So here is Una's post. Enjoy!

Book Reviews by Una Tiers

They are very important to the success of the book. Frankly, when a new book comes out, I hold my breath, hoping someone will enjoy the book. Contrary to what some people think, book reviews are not hard to write. They are like the tip for a good meal, a high five or a pat on the back. We love to hear your impressions, reactions, concerns, questions, suggestions, likes and dislikes of characters, plot, and such. I particularly want to know if you laughed.

Here is my easy bake oven foolproof recipe:

1. Read the entire book.

2. What was your first impression? Were you entertained, educated, did you laugh, did you love, like or enjoy the book, did you like or dislike the protagonist, like, dislike or have other strong feelings about a character, was there a character you look forward to seeing again?

3. What stood out about the book? Was it funny? Educational? Light hearted? A quick read? Did you have a sentence you loved? Was there an idea it promoted?

4. Do you recommend this book? Do you recommend it to particular readers?

5. For Amazon you only need 20 words. My favorite reviews are two or three sentences, remember you don’t need to talk a summary of the book. But if all else fails, you can leave reviews that are ratings on several places, like Goodreads. Please, be kind, books are a labor of love. Read the description of the book and don’t criticize a short book because it is short, or a mystery
if you usually read romance.

Reviews are important to authors, please consider writing one today. If you have a question about them, feel free to post here or contact the author

Thank you.

That was a great post. I always feel bad when I have to give bad reviews but I give constructive criticism. I say something like "Your idea was great but it was not executed well enough" and anything else positive I found about the book. All books have some merit.  I never want anyone to feel bad. I hope those of you who are hard on authors, we do not expect you to change but maybe this will give you an idea about how the authors feel and if you have to give a bad review, look for the good in the book. I want to thank Una for being here today and Una you are welcome anytime to come by.

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