Wednesday, April 2, 2014

S.E. Smith's Newsletter April 2014

You have to sign up for her newsletter but I get it and all kinds of good things are going on.

What I am happy about is that she mentioned my blog in her section "Blogging With Friends". She writes: I've been invited to participate in several blogs lately. If you would like to check out some awesome information and discover additional authors, check them out!

Here is the link since I do not have everything all in one place  on my blog in case you are and S.E. fan and missed the interview.

I am planning on buying Gracie's Touch and I already have Krac's Firebrand because I thought that was the first one in the Zion series. Hey I am still a newbie here, I get a break.

I picked up Choosing Riley also because when I interviewed S.E., most of the people who commented said to buy that book. So that will be my fun read ie not a tour book.

Don't forget her awesome jewelry! "If you have a favorite story, don't be afraid to share it with others."

Each charm is made special just for you!

Choose your favorite book or books, add to the collection and more!

Read about her new projects and all the places to find her as well as upcoming events she is involved in.

Contact S.E. here and I am sure you will get her newsletter if you ask:

What can I say? I am a fan now!