Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Review of "The Trunk" by Tony Talbot

What can I say about this short story. It is about a mother during WWII trying to hide her child because they are Jewish and the armies are getting closer. She tells her little boy who is charming and funny and has a lot of questions but is a good boy, a big boy at five years old according to him, and listens to his mommy.

Once he is in the trunk he recognizes somethings as his mother moves the trunk around. Until one day the "greycoats" come in and the trunk goes somewhere else. I do not want to tell you where that would spoil it.

I write drabbles so I know how hard it is to convey deep emotion in 100 words and there is no difference here. The writer conveyed many emotions in few words and got the job done. I was so upset at the end and filled with hate too. This was my experience.

I suggest you take five minutes and read this story. It will move you.