Thursday, April 10, 2014

Must-See Book Trailers: 'Unfixable,' 'Requested Surrender'

by Robin Covington)


I am high off the weekend retreat sponsored by my local chapter, the Washington Romance Writers. Awesome workshops, wonderful conversations, a green punk wig (check out my Facebook page for a lookie-loo at that), and hanging with my favorite people — book people.

And I got to read Lick and Play by Kylie Scott and fell in love with the band members of Stage Dive. Really fun books.

To kick off the trailers, I took a look at Unfixable by Tessa Bailey. This video ties together the elements of a romantic New Adult novel with all the right ingredients. The soundtrack is contemporary and has a driving beat at the right points, the images are young and fresh, and the script pulls you all the way through to the end. Great job

Unfixable - The Book Trailer

How could I not look at a trailer for a book called Bootie and the Beast? I can honestly say that I don't have a clear idea of the plot of the book by Falguni Kothari after looking at the video, but it was so fun and energetic that I had to put it on my TBR list. What did I like? The energy is so high, the graphics dynamic and the colors so bright that I couldn't look away. And the most important part is that the video left me intrigued for more ... perfect.

Bootie and the Beast - Book Trailer

The final video for this week is Requested Surrender by Riley Murphy. Sensual. Sensual. Sensual. That is the word that went through my head as I watched it. Everything is lush and sexy — from the font choice, to the images, to the original soundtrack written and performed for the trailer. Well done!

Requested Surrender Riley Murphy

If you have a book trailer that you would like for me to feature in this column, send the link to Any subgenre is fine as long as it is a romance!

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