Monday, April 21, 2014

I Just Like a Good, Old-Fashioned Story.

by Judy Walnoha)

I WAS THE ONLY ONE who loved the book, maybe for the wrong reasons. It was a well written book and I enjoyed reading it.

Our monthly book discussion group met at their regular meeting place last night upstairs in the loft of our local bookstore. Eight ladies were present, six read the entire book, one read half way through and said she intended to finish, one absent and one was a new person wanting to join a book group who recently moved into town.

I thought it was the best book we had read in the last six months.

I was dumbfounded and couldn’t understand when the others said they did not particularly like it.

I asked each person individually why they didn’t like the book. Each answer came back to “the characters”.

The characters!

I thought each character was well described, fit into the story, held true to their role in the story. Physical descriptions went along with occupations and the character’s actions were predictable with in the frame work of the story. The author did an excellent job of intertwining all characters.

One reader thought they the characters lacked substance, not enough strong opinions, not “vocal” enough, not enough action. But, I felt that they were true to their occupation, the confident bossy executive, silent husband, the mousy older coworker, supportive sister. One said the husband was “wimpy”. I will agree the book was not about “Super stars” conquering the world.

The author included more dialog than I was accustomed to reading in most novels.

We all agreed the author did an excellent job describing the various chapters by listing the name of the person telling the story along with the month and year. Some chapters introduced historical perspectives describing events that happened from the past. While reading, there never was a doubt as to who was speaking.

Then I was told that I read the novel from a writer’s perspective. Part of me said yes that may have been true, but the other part of me said no I was just reading the monthly book that was selected by the group. Reading takes me away from day to day problems, entertains me and/or educates me, etc.

Then I started thinking, I hope all this writing stuff isn’t negatively affecting my reading as I ‘m really just a kid wanting to read a good story. I enjoy reading. I’m open minded and love discussing the different points of view with different people who may have different opinions. All members of this group are respectful of each other and always considerate of each other’s viewpoints allowing each adequate time to express themselves.

I’m not a Super Mom, or a Super Shopper or a Super VIP; I’m just an ordinary reader who likes a good old fashion story.

Once upon a time . . . .

*Blogger's note: I am writing a book now which I think I have mentioned but I still read from a reader's perspective. I wonder how much it does change what you read once you write a book. I hope to let you know someday! I wish I knew what book that she is talking about.

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