Monday, April 7, 2014

Exclusive Cover Reveal: 'In Bed With a Spy' by Alyssa Alexander

by Joyce Lamb)

Photo: Berkley

Alyssa Alexander joins us today to show us, for the first time, the cover for her upcoming In Bed With a Spy, book two in her Spy in the Ton series.

Alyssa: It's no secret I love the cover for my debut book, The Smuggler Wore Silk. The pistol behind her back, the heroine's secret smile, the gorgeous colors. It's all perfect for the book and the series. I write about ladies with hidden talents who aren't afraid of danger and lead double lives — not to mention the spies who love them and lead double lives of their own.

So I was quite anxious to glimpse the cover of In Bed With a Spy, the second book in my Spy In The Ton series. And the amazing art department at Berkley did fabulous work! The cover for In Bed With a Spy is sexy and rich and lush with a hint of danger, just like the story, and more than I dreamed. And so, to accompany this gorgeous, gorgeous cover, is a little blurb about the book (courtesy of Berkley). Enjoy!

Revenge has never been so seductive.

When her husband is killed at Waterloo, Lilias Fairchild takes up his cavalry sword and boldly storms the front, earning herself the nickname Angel of Vengeance. But there is another angel on the battlefield who is just as single-minded, and just as ruthless…

Alistair Whitmore, the Marquess of Angelford, is a British spy. Code name: Angel. Still haunted by a first love felled by assassins, his mission draws him to Waterloo, where he is captivated by a beautiful and mysterious woman fighting amongst the men—a woman who becomes his most intoxicating memory of war.

Passion has never been so dangerous.

Two years later, Lilias and Angelford lock eyes in a crowded ballroom and the memory returns in an exhilarating rush. The history they share, and hide from the world, is as impossible to ignore as the heat of their attraction. But it's that very connection that spells doom for their scandalous affair. When someone from the shadows of their past proves a dire threat to their lives, passion might not be enough to save them.

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