Monday, April 7, 2014

Dear Readers

To all of my readers,

I do not want to say this to be full of myself or a show off, but it is hard not to notice the amount of hits I get everyday. I have said many times how I want this to be YOUR blog. I always ask what you would like to see as far as book, author interviews and guest blogs, and whatever else you want to see. And I appreciate all the comments I have received.

Today I broke my record for the amount of views in one day. I will just say it was over 500 (which I have hit a few times before) but under 1,000. And that was so very special to me because I was having a bad day.

I wish I had something to do for you all. If I was rich I would do a big giveaway or ask you to tell me by comment what you wanted me to do. It really means so much to me you have no idea. I work day and night on this blog and I have had arguments over it with my husband because I am often blogging when I am too tired and my health is bad. He worries because he does fully support what I do.

So I thank my new readers and my old readers and I hope to keep bringing you what you want.

Again comments are welcome I will do my best to get a favorite author of yours on here or a subject you want to tackle.

All my love to my readers.

Love and Light,