Thursday, April 17, 2014

Describe Your Favorite Character Without A Description

Sometimes you have a character that does not have long flowing blonde hair or big blue eyes because they are not described like that. They may not dress well or they may dress to the nines and that may be described. I am going to start taking some characters from books I am reading or have read and find a picture or image of a random model who embodies this character. I may add in some things like a purse I think they may carry or shoes they may wear. It is a variation of something I read about.

What I read was, to be honest, about fashion and blogging and books. I think she called it Book Looks which is awesome. My problem? I have one big name handbag and one pair of big name shoes. That is it. I do not care I just want to be comfy and look nice. So I do not ohh and ahh over what girls normally do. I never did. All my friends were guys. I went through High School in tight jeans and half shirts with knee high boots (Pretty Woman come to mind? lol! Hey only my midsection was showing). So I do not know fashion. This will be strictly based on what I think the character looks like in my mind. It is kind of like who would you cast or who is your dream cast but I am not using anyone famous unless they fit.

I am going to do this kind of on a prn basis unless you COMMENT and then I will do it more often.

So be on the lookout for a character maybe later today.