Thursday, April 17, 2014

Dear Readers

I have a question for you - would you like to do what I do?

I do not mean blogging. I mean being a part of a book blitz. It is very easy. It looks like I am starting my own company. It was a brainstorm with an author friend of mine. DO NOT WORRY! My blog is not going anywhere. But what I could use is people to do what I do and put together a tour (easy, takes about a half hour) and post it on your blog. So please email me at

if you are interested. I hope you will take this step with me on a great journey. I already have a few clients but you will not be overwhelmed so do not worry. I need to get the word out so that is where you come in.

Thank you in advance. LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Much Thanks,

I will have a Twitter Page you can go to. Then a Facebook page, etc. If you know an author that needs a blitz or tour or book cover reveal, please recommend me. I know a lot of us are fans and have contact with authors. Like me :)