Saturday, April 12, 2014



jagged angles jutting out
spikes and shards
are taking shape
finding what it’s all about
is just too hard
there’s no escaping
all these corners
of my mind

is it fair to hide away
deep repression
of my thoughts
is it fair the darkness stays
brings depression
though I ought
to break the corners
of my mind

there it crumbles, in each nook
there it lies
within its dust
all my humble actions took
too long to be
acknowledged thus
piled in corners
of my mind

never make me take the stage
I, mocking, will
falsify the learned page
a shilling
for my shocking kill
which lies in corners
of my mind

trusting is made hard for those
still struggling
to trust themselves
trust is learned and earned, and shows
the progression
displayed on shelves
high in the corners
of my mind

in my dream begins the climb
inevitable pain
in my dreams, a haunting time,
is the game
played in corners
of my mind

corners stick and corners bruise
cut through skin,
and flesh, and bone
corners fold, but t’is a ruse
as through their sin
they show me home

could I really cut the corners–
cut the corners
of my mind?

Kasey Boyd -

*Blogger's note: There is so much poetry out now for National Poetry Month. I found this while searching through poetry and loved it. I hope you do too.