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Authors Gear Up For Sunday's 'Game of Thrones' HAPPY EVER AFTER

by Jessie Potts)

(Photo: Helen Sloan, HBO)

Game of Thrones' season four kicks off tomorrow (Sunday, April 6), and fans and authors alike are super excited! First, check out my summaries of the first three seasons. Since "Winter Is Coming" is so epically concise yet eerie, I'm going to try to haiku the season recaps. And then we check in with authors Patricia Briggs (Night Broken), M.D. Waters (Archetype), Ella Frank (Try), Laini Taylor (Dreams of Gods & Monsters) and Jay Kristoff (Kinslayer) to hear about their favorite Game of Thrones characters and moments. First, the season recaps:


Winter is Coming

The Khal weds the dragon girl

And everyone dies


War on many fronts

Cersei is now Queen Regent

And everyone dies


Stannis makes a move

White Walkers are heading south

And everyone dies

Favorite Game of Thrones character?

Patricia Briggs: That would be Tyrion Lannister; he is a survivor and I love his smart mouth!

M.D. Waters: Easy! Tyrion. OH WAIT. No. It's Arya. Crap, no. Can't forget Jon Snow. Definitely Jon get-him-in-the-warm-weather-so-he-can-go-shirtless Snow. OMG, no, wait. It's Daenerys. Umm. Yeah. It's Daenerys. Final answer. Daenerys.

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister in "Game of Thrones."(Photo: Helen Sloan HBO)

Ella Frank: I love Daenerys Targaryen & Tyrion Lannister equally!!

Laini Taylor: I've had a soft spot for Jon Snow since I first picked up book one, and his path since then has been a true hero's journey. It's pins and needles waiting for book six to find out what happened to him! (Plus: Ghost!)

Jay Kristoff: Bronn. I can't talk too much about it, for fear of spoilers, but his journey over the course of the series is kinda awesome. And because I got drunk with Ty Franck (GRRM's assistant) last year and found out something awesome about the end of the series. NO SPOILERS. (Close second goes to Tyrion, who gets most of the good lines.)

Which Game of Thrones character would be awesome in your series and why?

Patricia: I loved Ned Stark; he was an awesome father figure and very good-looking! He would be terrific in my own series because I wouldn't kill him!

M.D.: Daenerys would be amazing in my series. Can you imagine her in a world dominated by powerful men? Oh, wait, maybe you can.

Emilia Clarke as Daenerys Targaryen in "Game of Thrones."(Photo: Keith Bernstein, HBO)

Ella: Daenerys Targaryen. She's a fierce, strong female!

Laini: An appearance by Jaqen H'ghar would mix things up. Who needs to die? Call Jaqen H'ghar! Plus, he could look like anyone (though it's a shame that face has to change …) and writing his dialogue would be fun.

Jay: Probably Dany. Dragons vs. Griffons, come ONNNN, who wouldn't buy tickets to that?

Favorite line from Game of Thrones?

Patricia: Winter is coming.

M.D.: I can't give you a line, because I'll NEVER forget this monologue from Lord Baelish. It blows my mind. "Chaos isn't a pit. Chaos is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never get to try again. The fall breaks them. And some are given a chance to climb, but they refuse. They cling to the realm, or the gods, or love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real. The climb is all there is."

Ella: I have a gift for you as well. Your life. And the lives of your wise Masters, but I also want something in return. You will release every slave in Yunkai. Every man, woman, and child shall be given as much food, clothing, and property as they can carry as payment for their years of servitude. Reject this gift and I shall show you no mercy.

Laini: It's hard to beat the eerie simplicity of "Winter is coming." GRRM manages, with three words, to create such a great atmosphere of dread. And what a fantastic notion, that there is a greater cycle of seasons than what we know, and our characters are poised for a winter that could last for decades. What's more — literally — chilling than that? Old Nan sums it up so well in Season One, telling Bran, "Oh my sweet summer child, what do you know of fear? Fear is for winter…"

Jay: "Let me give you some advice, bastard: Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." — Tyrion.

Favorite fantasy book?

Patricia: That's a tough one — I have so many! At this moment in time, off the cuff, I'll say Chalice by Robin McKinley ... and my opinion is subject to change without notice, from minute to minute!

M.D.: While I love the GoT books, I need a little (OK, a lot of) sexy with my fantasy, so I have to choose Shadowfever by Karen Marie Moning.

Ella: The Ancient Future Trilogy by Traci Harding (Australian author).

Laini: Impossible question! But I'm going to say The Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss.

Jay: Ever? Wow. Hard call. Probably The Hobbit. Very vanilla, I know, but it was my gateway drug.

What's your favorite thing to do while watching Game of Thrones?

Patricia: Shout, "He/she/they is/are going to die!!!"

M.D.: You mean other than biting my nails? Staring.

Ella: Bite my nails and say, Oh my god!

Laini: I was lucky with timing, that season three came out on DVD exactly when I had to sign 10,000 bookplates for a special edition of Dreams of Gods & Monsters. Now the two things will always be linked in my mind.


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