Saturday, April 5, 2014

A-Z Challenge - D

What It's About:

I posted a few days ago about my A-Z Challenge, inspired by a tour company blog. As I explained and will briefly again my original A-Z Challenge (which I have not given up on) was about reading books and I had a list of one's starting with every letter of the alphabet.

This challenge is using letters A-Z to make my A-Z challenge about blogging and just having some fun and putting up some great posts about blogging and reading also but with more focus on blogging.

Today is D for Distraction

I need to cut down on the distractions that cause me to make mistakes (the rare times that I do) when I am blogging. I always have the television blasting when I am blogging. Not conducive to concentration. I have hit mute but only when I really start to not catch mistakes before the post goes up.

The other distraction is trying to do a post "really quick" just before dinner, when my husband is calling me, when the dog is hungry, etc. So I have to learn that you all will always be here to read my blog and that I have to stop and take my time.

As far as reading goes, I let things distract me. I used to read a book in a day and now it takes me about three weeks to read one. NOT acceptable. I need to cut down on watching television which I had done when I first started reading again after 14 years but have now slipped back into watching my favorite shows. Nothing wrong with that but I would rather be reading.

So that is my challenge and I know I can do it. Come back tomorrow for E!