Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Asking Questions

What is my dream? That I would get comments everyday on my blog. I was happy the day someone wrote me after me posting for the umpeenth time that I was upset that no one was commenting. I was using leading questions! This person said a lot of people read on their phone for example on the subway and it is hard to comment. Okay. I as okay with that. Not everyone is out of work and comments on everything like me.

But I also did something naughty. I stopped asking questions (I never was into it I just though people would comment if I asked. Then I changed my mind and would ask a question here and there to see the results) and even chopped the questions off of articles I was getting from other websites because I did not want it to look like I was asking the question. I was tired of not getting answers.

Today I have seen three questions already attached to articles I posted. I think it is a great idea. I cannot say I have always done this but I really would like to ask questions on each post I do! And I want answers my dearies. Just a short answer is fine.

So I have a feeling, because I can be slightly bi-polar, I may start asking a lot of questions. So do me a favor....answer one or two. Trust me I do not need money. If you comment that would make my day. But make sure it is sincere.

Can you handle that? :)