Tuesday, April 1, 2014

April Fool's Challenge

There is a blogger who I like to visit and she is the person who does the Feature and Follow on Fridays. This is what she came up with for April and I am going to try and do it all. I already did the first one. Let me post first and then I will tell you about it. Go to her page to participate if you are a blogger or if you are not! You will see.

FoolsChallengeApril Fool's Challenge
Welcome me lovelies to DAY 1 of The Fool's Challenge. Today is April Fool's, so we play a prank. Tell us about it in a post and leave your link below!

Anyone can participate, you can do things anyway you please. Link up your post below. Use the graphic, don't use the graphic, it is up to you. Just do what I tell you to do each day! ;)

Today is Day 1 - which means:

Play a book or blog related prank and tell us about it.

My Prank:
Well, wouldn't that ruin the surprise? I just want to say that I posted it on this blog...today. Can you find it?

Click here to join in the fun and comment!

So I will post there but this is what I did...

My husband LOVES LOVES LOVES the show Vikings. He is a history buff and sports fan and not much interests him. He is still watching Friends and Seinfeld reruns because "There is nothing good on tv". So I went downstairs and said "Hey guess what I just found out?" He asked what. I proceeded to tell him I was so excited because Vikings was going to be made into a series of books. He seemed interested (he is not a reader but happy that I am and happy for what I am). I said one or two things about it (don't want to overdo it, kind of like when you tell a lie lol!).  He said "That's cool" and I said "You know what else is cool? APRIL FOOLS!" We had a good laugh. So that is day one. :)

Post on PJ's page but you can post on my blog too I would like to know if you played a book related prank on anyone. Just don't prank me! lol! 


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