Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Am I Crazy?

You all know I read tour books. Well sometimes (okay most of the time) I am reading other books and reading the tour book just under the clock. So today I knew I would be in a cab and at the doctor and have a lot of reading time. I got the ntour book for free as usual but it was in PDF form. I hate pdf. I think I do not understand pdf but I know it is not kindle. (or is it? lol!) So the crazy thing I did was, after having the book for free and being at only 40 percent done with 2 days left to read the book, I brought, yes purchased my free book for $3.99 so I could put it on my phone to read it. But you know what? I am 80 percent done now. So you do the math. Was it worth it? Yes! Have I done it before? Yes! One other time. I knew I would have a lot of reading time so I brought the book at that time for 99 cents and got to finish it in the cab.

What was I doing when I should have been reading my tour book? Blogging (you are welcome!), playing with the dog, doing house work, but mostly reading the book I wanted to read. Bookssss.

So does buying a free book make me crazy? You let me know what you think about what I did today. Maybe I need more organization. But more likely I need a book intervention. And I have a great little tour book due next week that I have not even started. I hope I have more doctors appointments but I hope the books are on Kindle. :)

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