Sunday, April 13, 2014

A-Z Challenge - K

K is for Karma

I had a few other K ideas but they not only did not really fit but I am a heavy believer in Karma.

As far as my blog, I promise never to talk trash about anyone. I believe it will come back to me. I am not that kind of person but in case I get upset, like a situation that happened a few weeks ago, I will not continue the backtalk. I will be the better person. I also will be watching more closely about book news that I bring to you. I usually bring informative things but I will always be on the lookout for anything that is just rumor or just plain not nice about books or authors especially.

As far as reading, again karma. I promised so many authors I would read their books. I was always honest on where they were on my list but I have to cut people off at some point or it is not fair. I think it will come back to me. I promise to tell authors I will read the first few chapters of their book unless they are willing to send the whole book and wait until I can read it. I have to be honest to if it is not something I like. I believe I have been honest up until now because it is in my nature. But my blog is getting more popular and more authors are getting to know me so I do not want to change.

I think we should all think about karma and what it is and the idea is represents and that we would not want to send bad karma out into the universe because it will come back to us.

Come back tomorrow for L.