Thursday, April 10, 2014

A-Z Challenge - I

I is for information.

I am going to use this for two things. First for my blog, I need to start finding out more information about blogging. I have caught onto things on my own but there are a lot of bloggers who will post an article something like "Blogging 101" and there are helpful tips in these articles. A lot of time I copy the tips and save them but never go back and look at them a second time. I think, and am willing to admit as well as my blog is doing, as with anything, there is room for improvement and I need to look at these blogging tips. I need to gather and absorb information.

The other part of information as far as reading and blogging is to find out more information about the reading side. Say on a book I am doing a tour for. I should find out about the author. Is it someone new? Someone famous that I am not aware of? I should check out their information on their social media sites. I should look at the reviews of the book. This goes for tour books especially but books in general. I am ashamed to say that I have, because I did not take the time, treat some authors, I don't know how to say this. I was not mean but I assumed the author was new. I need to be more informed before or while I am reading a book. I also need to know if the book is a part of a series or a stand alone. I need to know if the author has collaborated with others. Does the author write other genres? So many questions.

So to sum up, and I know it is not a lot but it will be, I have to be well informed to be a good blogger. And a good reader. The more information the better.

Comeback tomorrow for J.