Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A-Z Challenge - H

H is for Help.

Never be to proud to ask for help.

When I first started blogging, I asked some general questions but I did not know any other bloggers and I did not know where to turn. I could have googled some things I am sure but I really wanted someone who had experience. .Someone with all the nice blogs I saw.

I figured things out as I went along. But it was not enough.

Then I started asking questions. Only maybe two people got back to me and this was after asking questions to many people. In fact I had a sort of confrontation with someone because it is someone I look up to as a blogger and I asked many times for help and the answer I got was that this person hoped my blog got as busy as theirs so I would understand. I got this answer because I wrote to this person to tell them to remove me from their blog list because if you cannot answer my question for the I don't know how many times I asked for help, then I don't need you.  If you cannot answer your email and comments, then maybe you need to reconfigure your priorities. I always get back to people and timely. And I get some good traffic. But the point is, I kept asking for help. And I will keep asking for help because I do not know everything. So as far as my blog goes, there are things that need to be done, things I still have to learn, and I am willing to ask for help from anyone. No more excuses that they probably will not get back to me, etc.

I also realized I needed to help myself. I was so excited to do book tours I overbooked myself and had to cancel some or were reading half of a book in a day because I shoved it in. I have such a need to help people I am just that kind of person. If the tour company needs last minute help, I am there So I have to learn when to say no.

On the other hand. as far as help, I am willing to help anyone who asks me. I have had new bloggers ask me questions and I have had authors ask me questions for example my opinion on their book, their cover, what tour group to use, and other things.And I am always ready and willing to give anyone the benefit of my expertise.  So I need help, but I make my help available also. As much as I can. And if I am tardy or slip once in a while and forget to say send contest winners addresses to an author, I apologize.

Help is something that we should think about more often. Giving and receiving. We should give it because we are should assume all people are good and worthy of our help and if they are asking you, they probably need the help you can offer. And as far as receiving help, be open to it. No one can do it all.

Come back tomorrow for Challenge I.