Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What I Got In The Mail Today

First thing that came in the email was a very cool t-shirt which I am going to take a picture of me wearing and post it. It is from the man, James Moser, who wrote the book Chasing Prophecy, his first book which I am reading and which I was part of the cover reveal for. So that made me happy.

THEN I was not listening at the front door and the dog barks at everything so when he barked around 4p or so, I just told him it was okay and stop barking. My husband came home from work at 10p and there was a book shaped package for me that he brought in. I am used to this. But I forget contests I enter because I was entering and winning goodreads contests everyday so I have a stack of about 50 books. So I just get ARCs for tours and a lot of ebooks and the occasional soft or hard cover book.

But what I opened I was not expecting. I had found out about this book on a Kindle Book summary of books from back in January for books coming out in the Spring and Summer. This book I posted the excerpt from because it was so funny.

The book I got was an ARC of How I Got Skinny, Famous, And Fell In Love by Ken Baker. If you read my blog, I just posted Ken Baker info yesterday.

The first page of this book is already hysterical. It is for teens but like I always say - I read all genres and there is a kid in all of us.

This was like Christmas to me.

Plus I had something else good happen today but I cannot talk about it yet. It may affect my blog. I am hoping it will actually improve it. So keep an eye out for info.

If you get a chance to get your hands on Ken's book, I think you will laugh a lot and not be sorry you brought it. After coming up from the hilarious The Rosie Project, I am ready to dive into another comedy. National Poetry Month can be hard on the spirit.