Sunday, April 6, 2014

TV on the Web: Books come to life in stop-motion short

by Daniel Hurwitz)

Today's Pick: "Gutenberg" by Amalie Vilmar

The Topic: Filmmakers adapt books into movies all the time. But, animation student Amalie Vilmar takes a unique approach to the adaptation process in her experimental short film, Gutenberg. Vilmar makes the pages of a book come alive in stop-motion form. The text turns into trees, boats and bodies of water as the reading experience is animated. Watch the charming short film, which was recently highlighted by the Disney Shorts YouTube channel, online now.

*Blogger's note: I LOVE stop motion animation and this is THE COOLEST thing I have ever seen. I cannot believe what they did with a book. If you do not love it I do not know what to tell you!