Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Playlist

So when I first started blogging I had no idea what a playlist was. I soon found out that it is what a person who reads a book would pick as that book's soundtrack if you will. I thought that was just a way to take up blog space. I also saw bloggers asking authors what their playlist would be and I nearly fainted!

Then I was reading a book last week were I thought "If this was a movie, I could TOTALLY see them playing this song here". Then I did a mental double take. So this is what everyone is talking about. They are talking about that part of a book where you can imagine it in your head and also hear it with your ears. The touch, the feel of cotton. Oh sorry that is a commercial.

Now I have not posted any playlists yet and I am in the middle of reading a book. Almost done actually but I was not inspired to make a playlist. I think the list would have to come to me naturally and then go back over the book to see what else might fit or I have to start off reading a book with the knowledge that I am going to make a playlist.

As I am writing this I am thinking of a book I am reading in which a lot of the songs from the movie "Practical Magic" would go well. I just do not know them because only one is really popular.

Then there is The Rosie Project and to this my first song to add would be "Hip To Be Square". If you read it you would know why.

So along with all of my other things I do on a daily basis, this is something I may add to my blogging.

So be on the lookout.

Then start looking for the cast. :)