Thursday, April 17, 2014

Stanley Kubrick’s New York: Portraits of New Yorkers in the 1940s by the Famed Director

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We’ve covered Stanley Kubrick’s early career as a Life Magazine staff photographer before. He shot these beautiful photos of New Yorkers in the 1940s. Take a look at the people of the day! Many lived very similar lives (at least as captured in these moments) to us. No matter how much the world around us changes, people are still people with the same hopes, dreams, and fears. - See more at:

*Blogger's note: I was just writing and reading about keeping my blog fresh. I do so much on my blog from all genres but sometimes I wonder. I did the poetry challenge this week which no one has done with me. But that is okay. Then I wrote that I was going to find what my book characters looked like to me. And that is a good idea too. But this hit me hard this set of photos. First I included it because Kubrick wrote also of course we know this. But I love the old times because my grandmother raised me so these photos are priceless to me. I cannot believe there is one with a librarian. That was just a fluke. I was going to post them anyway. But I was thinking, photography and literature. I do not know what I am going to do with it yet but be on the look out for something. If you are an author and you also love to take great photographs, send them here and I will post them. If you are an author check out your artistic side. Your other artistic side lol! I hope you all liked these pictures as much as I did.