Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Books

There are so many books coming out now and it seems so many of them are on the same lists. I am not used to this because I was not heavy into blogging back when the December releases were being done. I am still going off of my not totally read book of a bunch of Spring/Summer releases from Amazon that caught my eye back in January. It was over 11,000 Kindle units to read but it was all book blurbs and long blurbs which are the good kind. So I knew back in January what to expect for now. But I am wondering if I will have time to read what I want for the summer and also when do the summer blurbs come out.

I still am the happiest over my ARC of How I Got Skinny, Famous, And Fell Madly In Love by Ken Baker. It was my favorite blurb back in January from that Kindle book and so far the book is really funny and good. It is meant for younger people but that is okay. I read all genres. And since I do not like YA, (we have discussed this, remember I liked a few so don't get nervous) I get to read my one or two middle school/HS books.

So if anyone knows of where there is a localized book or list of what is coming out in the summer I would love to know. I am going to start looking myself today. I am going to see if Amazon has another "book" like I got back in January of new releases. And if so I will let you know.

I still have to check that book I think that there are some that are coming out this month or in May. If so I will pass the information on to you.


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