Saturday, April 12, 2014

Review of "Witch Hunter" by Vincent Ferrante

This was a good comic book.

It was about a coven of witches who were found out in the old days and burned at the stake. But one witch had the power to make a magic baby to survive as just magic but form into a person years later and he would become the Hunter of the witch hunters who still existed and were using humans magic that they humans did not know they had because they do not believe in magic anymore.

The first encounter was with a wealthy couple who's daughter went missing and they got in touch with the Witch Hunter and asked for help. He did not want money but something else.

So he goes on a short quest to find the daughter because all he needed was a piece of hair from her brush to tell that she was near water which lead her to a portal. The Witch Hunter went through the portal and fought many demons including the female head to get the girl. Or was he able to get the girl? There were a heck of a lot of evil creatures. But the Witch Hunter was born with immunity to all magic and he had one other power to vanish the creatures that stood in his way.

This is actually a comic I picked up number one and two so I hope to read number two soon and give you my review.

I had to say I loved the coloring and the illustration. There was also underlying humor which was great. It was fast moving and interesting. I would recommend this comic. I hope the second one is just as good.

(I do not have the cover now I am having problems with my computer. Bot to mention the covers that I saw were not the cover I had but I got mine at New York ComicCon so it may be a special edition. I will try to get the cover on when I can get to it. Sorry about that).