Friday, April 11, 2014

Review of "And Then Emily Was Gone" by John Lees, Iain Laurie, Colin Bell

I told you yesterday I wanted to start reading my comics again so I grabbed my ComicCon stack and this was on top.

The story was a little confusing. A girl's (Fiona)friend goes missing and Fions travels very far to find former policeman Mr. Hillinger who can see monsters, etc. He is plagued by this and really has nothing in the world to look forward too anymore. He is so plagued he cannot even sleep. Fiona finds him and tells him that her friend, Emily, saw a kind of a boogeyman who by the way is called Bonnie Shaw who is folktale from the Scottish Islands, and she wanted to meet up with her friend and tell her some more about Bonnie but her Emily never showed up and has been missing since.

I have two problems with this comic. The middle to the end makes no sense. This is because I am not sure who this guy is that holds this secret box that if you look into you go mad. It may be Mr. Hellinger as a younger man, but it was not written. It did peak my curiousity to see who this is and what is in the box. I guess that is issue two.

And the illustrations were horrible. I know they can draw better than me but they are really bad. I would look into getting a better designer.

On the plus side it is an interesting story. Probably gory and supernatural just like I like my stories.

I may get issue two but I am not really excited about it.

*Blogger's note: I cannot obviously find comic book covers on goodreads so I went to google and I found a review on this comic book and they had all the same problems with it that I did. I am thinking of posting it. But at least I know it was just me. Sometimes I wonder if I don't get it. This was not the case here.