Tuesday, April 22, 2014

PW Best Summer Books of 2014

(from publishersweekly)

The same week we sat down to put together our summer book recommendations, some of us were scraping ice off of our windshields here in New York City. So while it's blustery outside, it's hot right here with our list of summer reading. And dark. There's the grisly thriller Cataract City by Craig Davidson about two abducted boys. The Antiquarian by Gustavo Faveron Patriau has a murderer locked up in an institution for killing his fiancee. And just when you thought it was safe to go into the water we have Bellweather Rapsody by Kate Racculia. We're billing it as The Shining meets Agatha Christie. If it's history you want, but keeping with the gritty theme, read In the Wolf's Mouth by Booker Finalist Adam Foulds which follows the soldiers and criminals of WWII's Africa and Italy campaigns. Summer House with Swimming Pool by Herman Koch will make you rethink your ideas about men and women, young and old. Then, sit back and hand yourself over to a fiction master, Jane Gardam, whose The Stories of Jane Gardam will make you glad you're reading, no matter what the temperature.

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  1. I cannot seem to find that one. I don't know why. What books is it between? I mean I am not stupid lol! But then I think all books after "Carsick - John Waters Hitchhikes" just flashed by. I am a HUGE John Waters Fan and must read this book asap! ") I am going to look up Cataract City.

  2. There isn't a pic of it but you mentioned it on your blog and I looked it up on Amazon and definitely looks worth a read! x

    1. Oh okay. Yes I looked it up also and it looks interesting. It is tough i mention so many books. It is hard to remember them all.