Monday, April 14, 2014

National Poetry Month Poem of the Day: “Benihana” by Latasha Diggs

by Jason Diamond)

To celebrate National Poetry Month, Flavorwire will be posting a poem a day. Latasha Diggs provides today’s poem, and it comes to us from her collection TwERK. One of our favorites of 2013, we’re pleased to bring you this poem compliments of Diggs and Belladonna*.

“Benihana” by Latasha Diggs

she wishes Rocky usada cookbooks rūma moe : bedroom cuisine

niho : nitro libido samurai diced & sliced

sweet & sour calypso in a hotei tiki mug baby girl knows he burned the rice

she wishes Rocky a rave kei : at Che Fong’s bungalow

uru : enter the binghi harps played by Duke Lukela

she wishes Rocky tossed oriental shrimp y huevos in a hot tub

korā : over there Kono Kalakaua is manning the grill

his backgammon trophy awaits him in heaven

an afterlife supply of jheri curl kits

saketini on the house a rave in his name

in virtuous timbre she mantras, “come now, no more faking blackouts.”

Japanese custom Rocky’s poly

konā: there, ka tākaro ngā tamariki ki waho with Ginsu knives

the children will play outside

Chin Ho Kelley is attending to them

she wishes Rocky muziek di zumbi, a day with Sizzla in a hot air balloon

a hummer converted ice-cream truck

te tae : the color of kikorangi : blue

a collage of sugar cones & strawberry road on DVD

his wrestling pecks in high-res he did not patent the fortune cookie, but…

pequino manu, no strife from Bobos down Lenox Ave.

pūrnimā : night of full moon, night of vaudevillian lineage

someone did not read the omikuji

she wishes Rocky an odò kāshmīrī dam gōsht

pepper steak hea : where?

mua: in front of heroes & foes

konei: hereshe wishes Rocky moe: sleep

passage in not an abebuu adekai fashioned like his teppanyaki

but his speedboat severing Bullwinkle’s spleen

somewhere in Iceland she wishes Rocky jouk & Wonderbras abundant

two centerfolds for the price of one a rave in his name

a place where he eats his celestial tsujiura senbei

uru : enter again the binghi harps played by Duke Lukela

he’s finally escaped the Blacks and the Jews