Friday, April 11, 2014

National Poetry Month Goings On


Poetry Bomb

An annual collaboration with Abrams Books Submit your poetry and they’ll explode it all over Tumblr via this hugely popular blog.

Academy of American Poets

Eighty years old and 9,000 strong, these are the people that brought you National Poetry Month. April would be useless without them.

Structure and Style

Amazing poetry, and an amazing place to discuss and critique poetry. Rebecca Hazelwood and Savannah Sipple are your hosts.

Viper Slang

Fresh work from poet Scherezade Siobhan, who has a Pushcart Prize nomination and a name that is poetry itself.

Jay Arr Arr

A longtime presence on Tumblr and a friend to every poet, essayist, and novelist on the platform. She even founded a lit journal dedicated to sharing their work.

Gif via Poetry Bomb