Friday, April 11, 2014


If you read my blog regularly, you will know that I partook in a blogger's challenge with the theme being April Fools or being a fool for books. I had a lot of fun and it gave me am idea.

I thought since this is national Poetry Month that I would do is (without the fancy graphics - I cannot do that), put up some fun images I dig up.

So I have 10 challenges. I had a time figuring out if I wanted to show them all to you at once (like April Fools did) or if I should just go day by day. Since I do blitzes and cover reveals and book tours, I have decided that, since I am always up around midnight, I will post day by day. So now for Challenge 1. Make sure you comment below or enter a link to your comment on your site.

Challenge 1 - Tell everyone why you like or dislike poetry.

I like poetry a lot.

The official definition of poetry is as follows:

1, literature in verse: literary works written in verse, in particular verse writing of high quality, great beauty, emotional sincerity or intensity, or profound insight

2. particular poems considered collectively: all the poems written by a particular poet, in a particular language or form, or on a particular subject

3, writing of poems: the art or skill of writing poems

I love poetry. I need to read more of it. But what I like about it is it can be short or long and is usually short. Since I write drabbles I see even more now how much work goes into poetry and why it touches me so much. You have to get a lot of feeling into a little space. I remember someone telling me that they were shocked by my drabble because they could not get a story of theirs down to 300 words.

I read most of my poetry before I got ill so I wish I could say who my favorite poet is. The names are in my memory and I am sure they will come flooding back.

Poetry just has so much emotion to it and I love that it has different styles, like a book has different genres.

I have been posting poems everyday from the site and any other poetry I can find. I think it is underused and needs some light brought to it.

I love that everyone knows what a poem is. Someone may not know what steampunk is but they know poetry. I did read that there was a drop in the amount of poetry books sold last year. Maybe we can help with that in the book community.

In general, poems bring up strong emotions, are from the heart, and are about something important. It teneds to be high quality as the definition said as well as having profound insight and that is what I love about poetry.

I saw this and it sums it up for me:

So comment and come back tomorrow for Challenge 2.

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