Sunday, April 20, 2014

National Poetry Month Challenge - Day 10 - Last Day!

The last challenge is this:

If you could write a poem to be remembered for generations, what would it be about?

Okay so I know this is a little hokey but it would be about my husband. We have been through a lifetime in 14 years and there is more to come. With me being ill so much and him and his issues and the tough job he has, we have written our own love story which would make a great poem. I may start writing it soon. I have been in a writing mood. But for all generation, I would want them to read about my one and only love and how I wound up being the luckiest woman alive. As my grandmother used to say "He reminds me of your grandfather" - the highest praise ever.

Thank you for at least reading what I wrote even though no one joined in on my Poetry Challenge. I had fun with it. Maybe next time you will join me.

Thank you for your support of my blog as always.

All my love,

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