Wednesday, April 2, 2014

My Spring Challenge

I got an idea yesterday from "Bookish Bingo" and I want to share. For those of you who follow my blog you know I have four challenges for 2014 and they are not working out too well so far. Mostly because I am blogging (IRONY!) or because I am reading a tour book. But what I would like to do instead of trying to tackle my A-Z list (both of them...and I did read five books off of there so far) and my other challenge books I am going to do something simple.

In "Bookish Bingo" one of the squares said you had to read a book starting with S, P, R, I, N, or G. Well I am a gardener so my challenge is going to be to pick a book and list it here and keep you up to date and my books will begin with F, L, O, W, E, R and S and are as follows:

F - Filth by Irvine Walsh

L - Louisiana Longshot by Jana Deleon

O - Orange by Elizabeth Seer

W - We Are the Sharpest Scissors by Joshua Ventley

E - Empire Striketh Back by Ian Doescher

R - Ruby by Cynthia Bond (*change from original list)

S - Simple Simon by William Poe

So that is my list. I will keep you posted. Maybe along with the bingo you can try my challenge. Or you can get crazy and if you grow veggies like me you can get books that start with all the letters here: Vegetable :)

I am going to give myself until the official start of summer to finish these 7 books. That should be enough time. Wish me happy reading!