Thursday, April 17, 2014

Must-See Book Trailers: 'Cursed in Shadow,' 'War Eagle Women'

by Robin Covington)


In spite of the tease of a couple of 80-degree days, Mother Nature cruelly leveled a freezing rain on my house last night. So in order to soothe my ruffled feathers, I indulged in a little book love with Rising Assets by Rebecca Zanetti — very hot!

The music in the trailer for Cursed in Shadow by Andrea Cooper is what caught my attention. The soundtrack hits you right in the gut with a hard, driving beat that screams "adventure." She follows through with imagery and a script that creates the perfect video for a fantasy paranormal romance.

Cursed In Shadow Book 1.5 Legends of Oblivion

There is something compelling about gripping stories told simply, and the trailer to War Eagle Women by Tina Coleman Bausinger is a perfect example of this. The story revolves around the stories of generations of women — their good and poor choices in life and love — as told to a young woman who hovers between life and death. The video is pared down to a haunting piano melody, stark imagery and an intriguing script.

War Eagle Woman: Sam's Story

I love the effects used in the trailer for Cursed Be the Wicked by J.R. Richardson. A paranormal mystery romance that deals with the hurts of the past and its reconciliation with the present and the embrace of the future. The burned-out visual effect on the sepia-toned imagery is the best accompaniment to the story.

Cursed Be The Wicked

If you have a book trailer that you would like for me to feature in this column, send the link to Any subgenre is fine as long as it is a romance!

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*Blogger's note: Okay I still have major issues with book trailers. They try to hard. In this case if I had to pick, I liked the third one the best. There was also one a few weeks back that was my favorite ever. I wish I wrote it down. I will search for some other genres.