Tuesday, April 8, 2014

More Fun At Midnight!

If you are going to be up, I am doing one cover reveal and two more blitzes at midnight! I have been getting good responses for my blitzes and cover reveals. I hope that you are enjoying them. I do my best to pick a variety of books. Like I have stated before if there is an author or a book you want to see, or maybe you do not like a cover of a book and want it redone (you can talk to the author about that) but I will do my best to bring all kinds of your favorite genres of books here to my blog. I had a long day but should not fall asleep. I do not know if you noticed, and I am embarrassed by we are all human, one day I announced a midnight blitz and cover reveal and I got up at 3:30 am! Normally I am up at midnight. I never announce it just in case but I knew Murphy's Law might happen. And it did. If it happens again tonight I will not announce it anymore I will just go back to doing them.

I think both blitzes have giveaways so that is fun too.

Join me to check out some new books!

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