Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lit Madness Championship Results

by the Bookish Editors)

It's all about strong female characters in this year's Lit Madness final: Lisbeth Salander and Tiger Lily will battle it out in the arena for the championship.

Lisbeth is struggling. Losing her left hand in the showdown against Little Bee was not part of the plan, and she knows she’ll have to take action quickly to keep the wound from becoming fatal. She knows better than to try to clean the wound with water from inside the arena; her first priority is stopping the bleeding. She unties her sweater from around her waist and fashions (as best as she can) a bulky sort of bandage around the stump. Next, she applies pressure.

Dizzy and weak from blood loss, she now must figure out how to take down Tiger Lily with just one hand and greatly impaired faculties. The good news is that even though she’ll be typing more slowly, she still has access to the Game’s computer system thanks to her hacking skills. She knows the outlook isn’t excellent, but if anyone can win this after such a devastating setback, it’s her.

As Tiger Lily's rage recedes, the crows fly back to the trees; she picks up one of the feathers they've dropped and adds it to her hair. Turning to the fallen lion’s body with a sharp rock in hand, she begins the painstaking process of taking the animal's corpse apart, using every part of the animal as is her tribe’s custom. She knows she can survive for weeks off of it, but the Game won’t last that long. Aslan's skin becomes her quiver and a set of sturdier clothes. Even as she puts them on, she can feel the magic seep into her. She paints her face with his blood, knowing she will need all the help she can get to finish this Game.

Her senses heightened, she sets off in search of Lisbeth. Tiger Lily knows that Lisbeth’s mind is better than any she has faced before in this arena, but Tiger Lily is sharp as well and way more suited to the wilderness, any wilderness. However, despite her confidence, Tiger Lily knows better than to underestimate Lisbeth.

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