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Interview With Author Katrina Cope

Today I have author Katrina Cope here with me for an interview. I met Katrina by her sending me a friend request on goodreads. She was so nice and we talked a bit and I found out she was an author. So she generously gave me a copy of her book Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain which I want to read soon. After talking for a little bit with Katrina, I just thought maybe we could do an interview. So here we are. Here is a little more about Katrina.

I grew up in a small country town with plenty of time to let my creativity run wild. This was fueled with a large amount of time spent traveling to different areas of the world, coming in contact with many different personalities and cultures.

The last eight years has been spent running a small business with my husband and raising three young boys and writing in any spare time.

After finishing my first book, it came to light just how much I love writing and I now writes a great deal more. My boys are growing up, approaching the teenage years quickly, allowing me more time to write and asking for the next book.

Without further ado, here is my interview with Katrina Cope:

1. I read your bio and it said that you started writing in your spare time. Tell me about that and is being an author what you want to keep doing as a career?

Spare time was very short when I wrote this book, so it took me many years as I had three very young children and for a while with my husband I was running several businesses. After writing my first book, which is Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain I definitely fell in love with writing and this was encouraged more when I had positive feedback from people who like the genre. The more I write the more I enjoy being in the ‘zone’ of letting myself be the characters, I love scheming the storyline and the further I get into the book the more enthusiastic I feel. I enjoy seeing it all come together while thinking of extra plots and twists to add along the way towards the final ending. It gets me excited, so yes I would definitely like to write as a career.

2. Tell me about your book Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain in a tweet.

A completely different story than any other. It’s heart wrenching & a humorous adventure with twists. Suited for 10 yrs old & up

3. Now tell me all about Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain.

The story starts where Jayden is rescued off the street by a wealthy grandfather figure and taken to his school, similar to a boarding school. It is not an ordinary school, it is very luxurious and hiding in a mountain. It is called The Sanctum and it is run by an artificial intelligence called Scarlet, which is a very cheeky AI who has a nasty bite if you cross her. Some of their lessons are teaching them how to become spies, and the children get to operate really cool equipment, including surrogates, all to fight terrorism. They are not so sure that this is what they are doing by the end of the book.

4. Tell me how the idea for this story formed in your mind.

To be honest, I can’t remember an exact moment when the idea came to me as it all came in pieces at different times. I had just had my first child and I had a soft spot for homeless children, or mistreated children. In the same year 9/11 happened, so this is where the terrorism came into mind. I wanted to get though to the kids as well, that it will not rule our lives. Harry Potter was very prominent at the same time so this made me think 11 years old would be a good age to start the story, it may even be the reason for the a school. I grew up on a mountain in the countryside on acreage with many animals and I still hold fond feelings from this experience and seeing it was a spy school I decided to hide it in the mountain.

5. Was it fun to bring the characters to life?

It is always fun with the characters. I have a few favourites and love seeing their personality come through. It is also enjoyable though, to add in the villains and the secret villains.

6. What makes your book different from others in the same genre?

I haven’t found one like it. A few reviewers have likened it to a mixture of Harry Potter, Percy Jackson and Alex Rider along with a few others. There is no magic or demi-gods so I guess people are talking about the hidden school with approx. 11 year old plus students. I haven’t read Alex Rider as yet, but my book does involve cool gadgets and spying so I believe that would be the resemblance. I have also had Avando (the owner of The Sanctum) likened to Professor X off X men. This was not intentional.

7. Name one person outside the family who really helped you complete this book.

One person not related to me at all who helped me would be my good friend Julie Hickson. She has been really good with helping keep the characters true to character if I stray and a little editing as well.

8. Who are some of your influences?

I would have to admit I have a healthy respect for JK Rowling, She would be the main influence especially in this age group. David Eddings, C.S Lewis are another couple of my early favourites before writing this book. I am reading more than ever now so this list keeps growing.

9. Do you have a favorite place to write for example at a favorite desk, going to the park, out on your patio, etc?

Ha, ha! My favourite place to write would be anywhere without distractions. I have 3 kids, 4 including my husband and pets, so often I end up in my room. I can’t say it is my favourite but it is often the quietest. I can’t write with music either as I find myself lost in the tune and singing instead of writing.

10. What is a book you want to write?

Besides finishing my series, I have so many I want to write. In between this series, I am pretty sure I will be sneaking in an adult thriller with a kick butt female heroine. I have a YA trilogy I am plotting in the background. To be honest I have so many I wish to write and not just in the middle grade genre, although in saying this I do like late middle grade, I love the innocence and adventure and it is so much fun.

11. Your must have food/beverage while writing.

I don’t really have a must have item, but I don’t start the day without a strong coffee.

12. Tell me what you are working on now.

I have nearly finished book 2 of The Sanctum series. I am expecting it to be out June or July at the latest in 2014. I am at that exciting part where I just want to keep writing, as I want to see the final stages come together.

That was awesome. Thank you so much. I appreciate you being here. I hope the readers enjoyed the interview as much as I did. Thank you for your time and you are always welcome here. If you want to find out about the book Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain or where to find Katrina, here are some links for you:

Facebook: Click here.

Webpage: Click here.

Twitter: Click here.

Goodreads Author Page: Click here.

Katrina was nice enough to offer up five of her ebooks of her book Jayden and the Mysterious Mountain. Simply look to your right to find the rafflecopter form and do what it says to enter.


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