Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Here's Your Invitation to The Invitation to Eden Series

by Jessie Potts)

The Invitation to Eden series features 27 awesome romance authors all writing about an island where anything and everything can happen. Each book is a novella (with a couple of novels thrown in) about what the individual authors dream of when they think of their own Eden. Here, we talked with the first half of the Eden authors (we'll talk with the second half this summer), whose books are all coming out through August, and asked them to describe their book in one word, describe their hero in one sentence, share a one-liner from their book and choose the kind of chocolate they prefer. Enjoy! (P.S. The prequel to the series, Master of the Island, is free.)

Lauren Hawkeye, author of Master of the Island (free prequel)

Book: Dark.

Hero: Damaged.

One-liner: "Theo had control, and so for the first time in my life, I lost mine."

Chocolate: Dark, with caramel and sea salt.

Julia Kent, Random Acts of Fantasy (April)

Book: WILD.

Hero: Two heroes, so: 1) Self-assured and ready for more. 2) Craving her and ready to prove it.

One-liner: "I'd miss a plane to watch this," Liam whispered. "It's like the best reality show ever. Wedding Crashers meets Fantasy Island."

Chocolate: Milk!

Adriana Hunter, Escape from Reality (April)

Book: Naughty.

Hero: Mysterious, edgy and possessive, a man who isn't afraid to take what he wants.

One-liner: "You may think you know what you want, but when I get you in my bed I'm going to give you what you need."

Chocolate: Milk chocolate :)

Avery Aster, Yours Truly, Taddy (April)

Book: Naughty.

Hero: Leon, Gustave and Fabian are three dominating, jacked-bodied Frenchmen who fall in love with Taddy Brill.

One-liner: "While working out on the elliptical earlier, Leon crossed my mind and I …touched myself."

Chocolate: Milk!

Sharon Page, Fight for Me (May)

Book: Redemption.

Hero: Tough but vulnerable, Ryder is a no-holds-barred MMA fighter who will fight hard for what he loves.

One-liner: "I love you completely — I still do and that's what is making my life so damn hard, Ryder, because we can't be together."

Chocolate: Dark. No, white! No, dark! Can't choose — must have both!

Suzanne Rock, Hydrotherapy, book 7 of the Ecstasy Spa (May)

Book: Adventurous.

Hero: A determined treasure hunter.

One-liner: "If you don't hurry up and put some clothes on, I won't be held responsible for what happens next."

Chocolate: Dark, with almonds.

Marian Tee, His Fair Lady, prequel to Soulmates Series (May)

Book: Steamy rom-com.

Hero: A European prince with a hot body, ruthless will, and a cold, empty heart.

One-liner: "I don't know how to properly tell you this, but I'm the girl you're destined to marry."

Chocolate: My heroine says any kind of chocolate that her gorgeous prince wants to feed her is totally fine. ;)

Sara Fawkes, Queen's Knight, spinoff of Anything He Wants (June)

Book: Captivating.

Hero: For Gabriel Knight, control is everything, but in socialite Dany McQueen he may have met his match.

One-liner: "If I said I wanted to tie up that sweet body of yours and keep you in my bed all week, would you hold it against me?"

Chocolate: I'll take any of them if they're drizzled across the body of Vin Diesel. Yum!!

Cathryn Fox, Breaking Free (June)

Book: Wild ride. (OK, that's two words!).

Hero: A survivor who's been beaten but not broken.

One-liner: "Untie her hands and bend her over the pool table."

Chocolate: Milk chocolate.

Carly Phillips, Dare to Surrender (July)

Book: Soulmates.

Hero: Strong, dominating man who knows what (and who) he wants and knows how to get it (her).

One-liner: "You know, I thought it would take me longer to get you in cuffs."

Chocolate: Milk.

Erika Wilde, The Capture (July)

Book: Pirate fantasy.

Hero: Strong, alpha, and sexy-as-hell.

One-liner: "If you try to escape, you will be tied up, spanked, and punished accordingly."

Chocolate: Milk chocolate.

Daire St. Denis, How to Tempt a Tycoon (July)

Book: HOT!

Hero: Driven, smoldering, sinfully demanding.

One-liner: "I don't want anything from you, I just want you, and I always get what I want."

Chocolate: Dark, definitely dark.

Steena Holmes, Return to Sender, book 1 in Return to Sender Trilogy (August)

Book: Sweet.

Hero: Serious but loving, conflicted yet endearing — her soulmate.

One-liner: "Forever isn't just a word for me, it's a way of life. My way of life with you at the center."

Chocolate: Decadent milk chocolate that melts in my mouth, leaving me in a state of euphoria and bliss!

Mari Carr, Rough Draft, Big Easy series (August)

Book: Friends2Lovers.

Hero: Intense.

One-liner: "I'm going to fulfill your every fantasy. Then we're going to start working on my list."

Chocolate: All three. Melted and drizzled over his naked body.

Roni Loren, Blurring the Lines (August)

Book: Destined.

Hero: Burke is a thrill-seeker who's ready to take the biggest risk of his life on the one woman he's never been able to get over.

One-liner: "She can't move forward, and he can't sit still."

Chocolate: Dark.

Jessie Potts, also known as Book Taster, adores books in all forms. She also does reviews for Bitten by Books and RT Book Reviews and is an intern at Entangled Publishing. You can follow her on Twitter (@BookTaster).