Friday, April 4, 2014

Favorite Reading Spots


We think anywhere you can sneak in a few chapters is great. But many of us have a particularly special spot to curl up with a book. We asked a few of our favorite readers to share theirs–and invite you to add your picks to the comments!

Charles Blackstone, author of Vintage Attraction:

“My favorite reading spot is on my couch. I like to keep beverages (water, wine, whiskey, depending on the book) within easy reach, and, of course, Haruki the pug nearby for warmth and companionship and to occasionally turn the pages for me when I have a glass in one hand. Sometimes I’ll even read aloud to him. I like to think he likes the passages, but I suspect he’s just angling for the wine. “

Iris Blasi, Marketing Director / Senior Editor, Pegasus Books:

“My favorite place in the world to read is outside by a body of water. Whether it’s on the well-worn couch on the porch at my friend’s lake house or on a bench overlooking the East River or by the ocean — like this shot, taken on a recent trip to Florida — I’m happiest wherever I can have sunshine, water, a strong breeze, and a good book.”

Jude Cook, author of Byron Easy:

“My favorite place to read is also the desk at which I write… Usually in the early morning when there’s no mental distraction. (I should stress this photo was taken late at night, with the manuscript of my next book sitting there instead of me.) Last book read? Naomi Alderman’s Disobedience. Terrific.”

Aria Cunningham, author of The Princess of Sparta:

“I read to escape from the hum-drum of everyday life. Taking a book to the beach is like a slice of heaven. The steady roar of waves pounding on the sand is a wonderful relaxer and it helps me disconnect from the “real” world so I can slip away into fiction. Plus, if I can soak in a little sunshine, so much the better!”

Justin Kramon, author of The Preservationist:

“Here’s the old couch in my office, which is a place I love to read. I believe I once had a shirt that was designed in the same pattern as this slip cover. Also, for whatever it’s worth, having a ‘reading couch’ in one’s office is a wonderful ploy to achieve some furtive napping time. The last book I read here (between naps) was A Single Man by Christopher Isherwood.”

Carla Norton, author of The Last Victim:

“Who doesn’t love reading on the beach? It has been an especially nasty winter up north, but Florida’s beaches offer sun and sand all year long. I’m relaxing here with Hank Phillippi Ryan’s page-turner, The Other Woman. (And, yes, I really do carry a bag illustrated with thecover design of my own crime novel. Shameless self-promotion? Guilty!)”

Pamela Peery, author of Pop: 50 Amazing Secrets to a Successful Labor & Delivery or C-Section:

“My 11-year-old daughter Allison and I read here, on her bed, before she goes to sleep. I sit propped up on these pillows against the side of her bed underneath the green overhanging palm tree. It’s a special time for us, and encourages her (and I) to read more.”

Bob Van Laerhoven, author of Baudelaire’s Revenge:

“A bit of an untraditional reading spot, but then untraditional is my middle name!”

J. Dylan Yates, author of The Belief in Angels:

“The Roosevelt Hotel is among my favorite spots to read. I won an LA Book Festival here and I can’t think of a better place to enjoy a good book. The last book I read here was The Mapmaker’s Daughter by Laurel Corona.”