Sunday, April 13, 2014

Crochet a Kindle Tablet Cover - Free Crochet Patterns

by Claudia)

Crochet an easy Kindle cover or case as a gift for a Kindle Fire, or any Kindle eReader or tablet.

You can crochet an easy Kindle case or cover for any new Kindle Fire HD, any other Kindle device, or any tablet with the free crochet patterns on this page. These will make a nice gift for someone who already owns a Kindle, or to give with a Kindle or tablet you are giving as a gift.

I purchased a new 7" Kindle Fire HD just a few days before Hurricane Sandy devastated the northeast. We lost power for 10 days, so until I could play with my new Kindle, I did a lot of crocheting.

I love to crochet and decided to make a case for my Kindle rather than buy one with an easy and free kindle cover pattern. Let me share with you what I found.

The easy Kindle cover crochet pattern I used is done in the round

It is so quick and easy to make.

Though there are some fancy free crochet patterns on this page, I wanted something basic and simple. I had some Red Heart flecked yarn that was perfect for what I wanted to make.

I will provide a link to a pdf of the pattern for download in a bit, but to get you started, here are the items you need and the adjustments I made:

Yarn: Suggested - Hayfield Bonus Aran yarn - approx 75yds. I used Red Heart Frosty Green Fleck but any color will do. You can also use a combination of leftover yarns.
Hook size 4mm. I used a G/6 4.25 mm hook
Button Large button (3cm diameter)
Finished size: 7" x 4.5" - The pattern provided is for a smaller Kindle, I adjusted the size so that my finished cover measures 8" x 5 1/2"
Gauge: 15sts 20 rows = 4" in single crochet - I used the Kindle itself as a guide for size

Suggested Starting Chain: 17 stitches - Adjust this according to the size of the Kindle or tablet you are making a cover for by simply holding the chain along the bottom edge of your device. Don't stretch it when measuring this way or your cover will be too tight.

Round 1: sc in 2nd ch from hook, sc in next 14 ch stitches, 3sc in last ch stitch to turn the corner, 15 sc in back loops of chain, 3sc in final ch stitch (36) - The count will be different depending upon the size of the cover you are making, but the pattern instructions are easy enough to adjust.

After you do a couple more rounds as instructed in the pattern, make sure you have the size right by slipping the start of your cover onto the bottom edge of your Kindle or Tablet. It is such an easy pattern that it isn't a problem to undo the rounds and increase or decrease the chain if the fit isn't right.

Pattern Links: Here is the link to the PDF of the free Kindle Cozy Crochet pattern, and here is a link to the site where I found the free Kindle crochet pattern.

Here is a picture of the Kindle Cover from the Ravelry site. Click here to go to the site.

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