Friday, April 11, 2014

Coming Up At Midnight - Two New Book Blitzes With Excerpts and Giveaways

I cannot say anything about book one, but I do have a teaser for book two. I hope you enjoy it.

Quintessentially Q - teaser:

I didn’t make a peep as we entered the house or bat an eyelash when Franco stopped short, staring at me in Q’s grip.

Q took the steps two at a time, never out of breath from hauling my weight. He didn’t slow as we headed down the corridor. He smelled of alcohol and strain, even a trace of blood as he kicked open a door and carried me through.

The moment he slammed the door shut with his foot, he put me down. His lip was bruised and split, a shadow bloomed under his left eye, and he looked sleep deprived and tortured. What the hell happened to him?

He stood straighter, gathering energy from the room yet all the while seeming to shrink in on himself. His eyes locked with mine, and I gasped at the torment deep in their pale depths.

“Remember. If you refuse, I’ll kill you.”

Interesting right? Stick around at midnight to check out the books, excerpts, and giveaways. :)