Monday, April 14, 2014

Cara Elliott Helps Ella Quinn's Heroine Find Chocolate in the Regency

by Joyce Lamb)

(Photo by eKensington)

Ella Quinn found herself in a bit of a predicament when writing her new release, Desiring Lady Caro. She turned to fellow historical author Cara Elliott, author of Passionately Yours, for some help ...

Ella: While I was writing Desiring Lady Caro, book No. 4 in my series The Marriage Game, I discovered that my heroine loved chocolate. Fortunately, my friend and fellow Regency author, Cara Elliott, was able to help. The conversation when something like this:

Cara: I hear the heroine in your new Regency historical has a sweet tooth.

Ella: She does — and so far he's been extremely good at finding chocolate. In Italy he found chocolate tiramisu, a chocolate cake with ground almonds, and cake made on a spit. In Innsbruck, Austria, there is a cafĂ© that's been famous for its chocolate torte for over 200 years. But we're in Strasbourg now and they don't have any local chocolate desserts. He's getting pretty desperate.

Cara: Oh, that's easy — he should get her a box of Debauve chocolates.

Ella: Boxed chocolates? But, Cara ... there weren't edible chocolates in the Regency.

Cara: Actually, there was! It was invented by Marie Antoinette's pharmacist!

Ella: You are brilliant! He could give her something she's never seen before. Ummm, do you think he has a shop in Strasbourg?

Cara: Hmm — maybe your hero could Google it?

Ella: Great idea! Or maybe I should do it. I'm pretty sure they didn't have the Internet back then.

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