Friday, April 4, 2014

Authors Get Tongue-tied, Too: We're Sharing Dream Fangirl Moments

by Joyce Lamb)

This year's RT Booklovers ConventionThis year's RT Booklovers Convention is coming up May 13-18 in New Orleans. Some of the most awesome romance authors on the planet are going to be there, intent on mingling with their beloved readers (that means you!). So if you haven't signed up to go yet, there's still time, and you, too, could end up hanging out with authors such as the ones listed here (and it's in New Orleans!). Some of the best times at RT can be had on Saturday, May 17. That's the day of the Giant Book Fair (yes, it's that big), FAN-tastic Day Party (hang out with hundreds of authors) and the Teen Day Party (mingle with YA authors).

Here, HEA checked in with some of our favorite authors to find out which authors would turn them into fangirls if they found themselves on the elevator with them at RT 2014. (See other authors' dream fangirl moments here and here.)

Jennifer Estep, author of Killer Frost

I'm hoping to meet Lisa Kleypas at RT this year. I love Sugar Daddy and the rest of the books in her Travis contemporary romance series, which feature really strong heroines. I'd love to get some signed copies of the books for my mom and myself.

R.T. Wolfe, Author of Savage Deception

If I were going to RT, I would be a Jade Lee stalker. She has turned me into a historical romance fan — not an easy task. And she's one of those mentors who knows when to be warm and when to give me a swift kick in the backside!

Susan Vaughan, author of Primal Obsession

I'd elbow past everyone to meet Kat Martin. Love, love her sexy and suspenseful Against series — such yummy heroes. And Karen Robards has been a favorite since I read One Summer and Heartbreaker. Her brand of suspense and romance laced with humor are the best. I can't wait for Charlie Stone and her sexy ghost's next story. Too bad I have to miss RT.

Lavinia Kent, author of Mastering the Marquess

If I were going to RT, I'd have a complete fangirl moment if I saw either Ilona Andrews or Cherise Sinclair, because, while their books are completely (and I do mean completely) different, they both immerse me in worlds that I could never have imagined. I have to admit that for me this probably means I'd mumble that I love their books and then I'd flee. I only think of the completely brilliant things I wanted to say a couple of hours later. And, I can only pray that I wouldn't just stutter out the dreaded, "Where do you get your ideas?"

Valerie Bowman, author of The Unexpected Duchess

I would fangirl out over the incomparable Lisa Kleypas. Unfortunately, I know this because I've done it before. I never thought I'd go kooky over an author, but I saw Lisa once at the RWA conference in Orlando and turned into a fast-talking, squeeing nutcase. I'll be at RT this year. Poor Lisa. She may see me coming and hide.

Mimi Jean Pamfiloff, author of Vampires Need Not…Apply?

I would literally sprout fangs from the top of my head or spontaneously combust if I met Anne Rice! Thanks to her sexy vampires, I would later find my passion in life! Muaaah, Anne!

Reese Monroe, author of Marked by Hades

I would stumble around and get a little giddy if I got to meet any or all of these three amazing authors: PC & Kristin Cast, Cecy Robson and Kresley Cole. The characters (specifically heroines) they create ... *whew* Then again, I might forget the English language and not be able to ask them anything if I ran into them! LOL!

Laurin Wittig, author of The Winter Stone and Highlander Avenged

I would practically tackle Susannah Sandlin to get a selfie with her. She writes the most amazing stories and I got tongue-tied last year when we met. I won't let that happen again! Can't wait to track her down at RT this year!

Angela Knight, author of Wicked Games

I would probably fall all over my tongue if I ran into Faith Hunter, the author of the Jane Yellowrock novels. I have been devouring the Yellowrock tales since book one, and absolutely adore them. They're so action-packed, and Jane is a hoot. If you're looking for some yummy urban fantasy, she's definitely your girl.

Mina Khan, author of Wildfire

I'm super excited about RT 2014 because I finally get to meet Marjorie M. Liu. I became a fan after reading her first book, Tiger Eye (set partly in China), and own all of her PNR & UF titles (yes, I'm schlepping books to NOLA for her to sign). I love the diversity of her character, settings and stories! Keep your fingers crossed that I don't get all tongue-tied and incoherent when we do meet, lol!

Heather Lire, author of Second Chance at Passion

Of all the authors attending RT the one author I'd pee my pants at being alone in an elevator with is Nalini Singh. I would hit the stop button and not let her out until she told me when Aden was getting his story and when Riley and Mercy's pupcubs were going to be born. Yes, I have a problem, and no, I don't plan on getting help for it. Her Psy/Changeling books are my crack.

Glynnis Campbell, co-author of The Winter Stone (with Lauren Wittig and Tanya Anne Crosby)

Barry Eisler, author of Graveyard of Memories. It may be a good thing I won't be able to attend RT this year, because I'm afraid I might kidnap Barry if I ran into him there. First, I'd interrogate him to find out all of his self-publishing secrets, and then I'd cleverly coerce him into naming a character after me in his next thriller! Joyce Lamb, author of Flash Heat. I wish I were attending RT just to shake the hand of this witty and wonderful author/blogger whom I've only had the pleasure of corresponding with online. Aw, heck, I'd more than shake her hand — I think I'd probably drag her out for drinks!

J.T. Bock, author of A Surefire Way

I already gushed over Kresley Cole at another conference, but I would do it again. Her books are sexy, fun paranormal reads with pulp-culture references hidden throughout. Whenever I find a movie or television quote in her stories, it's like I discovered a secret code added for us geeks.

I'll be attending RT for the first time. You can find me at the giant book signing, and I am giving two workshops.

Karna Small Bodman, author of Castle Bravo

I once saw Lisa Kleypas accept an award at RWA where she thanked the judges and was happy not to have to parade before them in a bathing suit and high heels (shades of her experience in the Miss America contest). She writes fabulous and steamy romantic scenes!

Roxanne St. Claire, a great lady (we once worked for the same PR firm) who sets wonderful stories in exotic Florida settings.

C.J. Lyons, who truly "writes what she knows" — having been an ER doc herself. She's also a marketing genius who shares her ideas with other authors. How great is that!

Sara Humphreys, author of Unclaimed

I would probably babble like an idiot if I ran into Charlaine Harris because her books are legendary. Her writing is sharp, sexy, funny, and has mass appeal. I would love to pick her brain about character development and world building. I want to be just like her when I grow up.

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