Wednesday, April 2, 2014

April Fool's Challenge Day Two

If you remember yesterday, there was an April Fool's Challenge from another website and I posted that to show you and decided to take the challenge because I have missed out on so many other challenges.

Yesterday you had to play a book related prank on someone and I did (my hubby).

Today I have to tell everyone about how big a "Fool For Books" I am.

A fool is not necessarily a bad thing. However I often make a fool out of myself at Barnes & Noble. I walk around with way too many books to buy or to even read and I keep picking more. I talk loudly as I flip though the books. I yell out to my husband "GUESS WHAT I JUST FOUND!" across the store.

I have entered and won more contests than one person can in one lifetime.

Books scatter my landscape on a daily basis. I have tripped over them, dropped them when carrying too many, and brought two of the same book because I forgot I owned it.

I have a book with me wherever I go.

I still try to get my husband to read although I know he will not because he is not a reader.

I constantly talk to people I hardly know about my books and my book blog to the point of where my husband has tapped me on the shoulder like someone kicking you under the table to shut up already. Because once you get me going, I cannot stop.

My bookshelf is overflowing.

I sniff new books all the time and take care of them like they were my babies. If they get wrinkled by accident or get some water or something dripped on them I go into freakout mode. I love a well worn copy but not when they are brand new. I will ask my husband in the store to tell me "How cool is this cover?" and take an inhale.

I have 148 books in my Kindle. I have not read them all but I hope to. I add at least one a day. I try so hard not to but it tempting.

If I am not reading a book I am doing a book tour, blitz, or cover reveal on my book blog which also makes me a fool for books.

So those are some of the foolish things that I do. I am a fool for books. If there was a contest for biggest fool I would enter it because I do not care who knows I am a big fool for books!

Visit to see all of the bloggers who signed up for this event. Stay tuned tomorrow for the next challenge.