Thursday, April 3, 2014

April Foo'ls Challenge Day Four

Hopefully you have been following my blog for a while but at least for the past three days enough to know I am participating in a blog challenge. You can go back to each day's posts and find the "April Fool Challenge" post to see what I did the first four days.

If you are a blogger you can also participate by clicking here:

So I have had a task for each day the point being about what a fool for books I am.

Day Four's Challenge: Most foolish act you have committed for a book...fandom or in pursuit of a new book.

Okay I am a contest maniac. I will enter any contest. I had to stop entering EVERY contest EVERY day on I was winning every day and have close to 60 books to prove it. Then I got Kindle for PC and it spiraled from there. I am constantly on the hunt for new books. So nothing crazy but with some of the great authors I have got to read, I may hit a fandom status if certain authors released their new book.

Every contest, every day. Anywhere between 1-5 pages of giveaways. I timed myself. Twenty minutes per page. So on busy giveaway days, I would be entering contest straight for an hour or more.

I have not been disappointed accept for one book out of all that I won that is not to bad.