Wednesday, April 9, 2014

April Fool's Challenge - Day 9

Hopefully you have been following my blog for a while but at least for the past five days enough to know I am participating in a blog challenge. You can go back to each day's posts and find the "April Fool Challenge" post to see what I did the first four days.

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Day 9 Challenge: What you consider are "serious" problems (in your reading life) but other non-readers would just think you are mental if you spoke them out loud?

I think when they do not have a book in stock it is a serious problem. I get very upset. This was more of an issue before I discovered Kindle for PC. But I love, like all avid readers, love to roam around with my list of books I want in the bookstore. My husband does not understand and I know for as much as he loves me he cannot understand after I picked two books that if they do not have that third one, it is a serious deal. I do not know who else I would share that with.

Getting my book wet, getting a snack on it (I try not to eat and read but can't help it sometimes!) and a lot of people say "It's only a paperback" WHAT! No it's priceless to me. I had serious trauma after reading (doing) Wreck This Journal. If I told anyone how much it got to me until it was therapeutic, they would think I was crazy.

I do not have enough time to read. My husband does not read and does not understand this. Yes I read more than most people but my husband sees I am tired and tells me to put the book down. I do - two hours later. I cannot wait for him to sleep so I can sneak and read again. If I told people I chose reading and blogging over blinding sleep or hunger at times (I have read/blogged all day and got so lost in it I have not had breakfast or lunch). I KNOW people would think I was mental for skipping meals. Forget having to urinate. I will hold it in if I am on a really good part of a book on my Kindle for PC. I have considered going into the bathroom with my laptop, trust me.

Keeping books in my bed with me. Hey - what else am I supposed to do when I cannot sleep in the middle of the night? Where does hubby sleep? In the other room. He snores anyway. But I have to have a book in the bed. Not on the dresser, in the bed.

I am trying really hard to think of other things but the funny thing is that I think things are normal as a book reader that may not be. My husband is not home all day so he knows the depth of my reading and what I will go through but I think he misses some things. Again, I think there are some things that do not seem mental to me anymore. And if a non-reader thinks I am mental, that is their problem. That is why I hang around with readers!

Come back tomorrow for Challenge 10. I cannot believe there are only two days left and I did the challenges every day! (wait I did miss one day but this is so much better than last time and I got my feet wet for challenges).

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