Saturday, April 5, 2014

April Fools Challenge - Day 6

Hopefully you have been following my blog for a while but at least for the past five days enough to know I am participating in a blog challenge. You can go back to each day's posts and find the "April Fool Challenge" post to see what I did the first four days.

If you are a blogger you can also participate by clicking here:

So I have had a task for each day the point being about what a fool for books I am.

Day 6 Challenge: What to you consider to be the most "heinous" crimes commited to books or book readers?

Writing in a book.

Stereotype of book readers being geeks.

Making movies out of books. I know a lot of awesome movies would not have been made but..the book is always better.

Touching a book with dirty hands.

Having your book stolen.

Leaving your book someplace! Like on the train, etc.

Not reading your book.

Of course book burning.

Not using a bookmark and folding the pages in. I know we all have a dog-eared copy of a book or two but we should respect the book. I stopped doing that a long time ago.

Banning a book.

Being picked on because you like to read.

The outrageous prices of certain books.

A publisher looking over a great book to publish in favor of more popular authors (and then that book gets discovered and popular!)

That is all I have. I feel like I am missing something. Or a few things. But this is all I have and can think of. Is "heinous" really bad? I know the definition of it but what does each individual person consider heinous?

Come back tomorrow for Challenge 7. It will be fun!