Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A-Z Challenge

So those of you who know my blog know that I have a book reading A-Z challenge. Well that is coming along slowly and you know I now have my F-L-O-W-E-R-S challenge. (Read about it from earlier today).  But I got an idea to do a different A-Z challenge. I got the idea from Wendy at who is blogging A-Z about book tours. So far so good I am enjoying it although it does not totally pertain to me. You can always learn something.

My A-Z challenge is going to be about blogging and just having some fun and putting up some great posts about blogging and reading also but with more focus on blogging.

My A for today is ask a fellow blogger how they got started blogging and put it here on my site with a link to their site.

I chose the blog Alison Can Read, A few people run this blog so I emailed her to ask if she  would like to tell me how she got started blogging. Hopefully she will answer me back and I can post it here.

Then I will have to think of my B task. I am not to worried until I get to Q. Well Q can be question someone about something. Maybe I am worried about V lol!