Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A-Z Challenge - N

N is for Never as in Never Give Up!

No one has participated (as far as I know) in my Poetry Month Challenge but it is okay. I am still using all 10 of my ideas.

As far as for my blog, (which the above is part of) I will never give it up. If I have to hand the reigns over I will, but I will, even when I am tired, without pushing it, do my blog. And if no one participates in my challenges, giveaways, or just plain does not read it - it's okay. I will never say die! I enjoy it to much.

And reading, I will never stop reading again. If I am as sick as I was the past 14 years, I will ask about new medications I am taking because I do not ever want to not have my concentration and focus taken away from me again. I was a reader before I was ill and am a reader again. When I am old and gray if I have to, I will do audio books or read big print books. It is a love of mine that will NEVER go away.

Tomorrow - O