Saturday, April 12, 2014

A-Z Challenge - J

J is for Junk

As a reader I have many books that I brought and never read. I hate to call a book junk, but I will say I am going to have to junk it, ie dump it off on someone else whether a used book store or a garage sale groupie. I just know if I get rid of all the old books I never intend to read, I may have two or three free book shelves for all my new shiny books!

That was pretty easy, until it comes time to do it and I want to read the book or swear I will as my husband puts it in the garage sale bin.

As for my blogging, junk is for the OCCASIONAL piece that I put up that is kind of junky but I could not find any good book information. It happens on the weekends a lot. People do not do their regular columns and I think for most people this is not a problem because I blog all day about all genres. But for me, I need a constant influx of new news and book information. So my promise to myself is to never put anything junky up that has no meaning or, if it is not funny, barely has to do with a book.

Come back tomorrow for Challenge K.