Tuesday, April 8, 2014

A-Z Challenge - G

G is for Giving Back

I am not rich and famous yet, but if I ever get there, I do not want to forget to give back to people who helped me along the way or to people who need help.

I have learned a lot since I started blogging and have recently found myself giving advice to someone about their blog. They thought it was horrible and I told them where I would tweak it. But I was encouraging and positive. Also three are authors I have helped. Authors are not familiar with guest blogs. Or I should say a lot of them are not so I explain it to those who need me too and pull old examples to show them. In the case of another author, I helped him with his book cover and with finding a tour company. I comment on most blogs I visit. I also was published and that was a give back to a person who helped me out a lot. I did this article for the magazine owner and it benefited us both. These are all the ways I can think of that I gave back so far. But I know I will have a lot more to give back as my blog grown in size. And I look forward to it because a lot of people have shared their success with me.

Com back tomorrow for my H Challenge.