Sunday, April 6, 2014

A-Z Challenge - E

Today is E for Expression. I am talking about expressing my views, opinions, etc. about books and blogs. My views have never gotten me into trouble thank goodness. But I post on my blog what I would myself would like to see. I try to express myself but stay away from ticking time bomb topics. But when a serious topic comes up, I can express how I feel here. My views do not ask anything of me just to be expressed.

Same thing with my opinions. Now that is a little different as I see it. I feel my views are more intellectual as where my opinion is more driven by the heart. I give constructive criticism where I can. I remember an author freaking out about me giving her a one star review, and I am very generous when it comes to reviews or so I have been told but this was a hot mess. I wrote to her and told her NICELY why I said what I did and what I would do to help her beyond the constructive criticism I gave and left it that she would contact me to talk further. She never did. But even when I leave my opinion on book blogs, it is nice. I do not think I have left a negative attitude at all. It is all about improvement. I express my love of books through my reviews and interviews. I also express myself with the news and other content I bring you on my blog. It is what I am interested it and what I think you might be interested in.

I believe in freedom of expression and on my blog, my readers have that with their compliments. Again I never go a nasty one or anything but if I did, I would try to resolve it. I would express my feelings of hurt back to that person. So whatever you read here has not been censored in anyway. I will keep doing this blog as a testament to freedom to read books. Any ones I want here in the USA. I am happy to have the freedom of expression to write a blog and express my opinions. So get ready because I am not stopping any time soon.

This is my challenge. I know I can do it. I am just preparing for the day when my freedom of expression is challenged. I will handle it with grace and decorum. I hope it never happens.

Come back tomorrow for the Challenge F!